SharePoint Portal Design – Visual Solutions

In the world of technology it is rare to find anything that you are 100% satisfied with right out-of-the-box. Whether it’s hardware, software, service or app, there’s ultimately some level of customization involved. With SharePoint this is no exception, but oftentimes when thinking about SharePoint organizations will neglect the visual side of the equation. The tools are great, but your end users are the same ones with short attention spans and high standards that we cater to when building anything else on the web.

Just because SharePoint is, oftentimes, viewed as a “tool”, doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to ignore the need for building a user experience. Every SharePoint portal project should involve some discussion about the design of a user interface, branding and/or user experience. We’ve seen this discussion vary from organization to organization. Some companies are looking to put their personal stamp on SharePoint and make sure the brand identity is carried through on the pages of collaboration sites and document management workspaces. Other organizations want to build an intranet portal or extranet portal and they just so happen to be using SharePoint as the platform. Design in these cases isn’t typically an afterthought. The visual design of an engaging user interface is an integral part of building the portal and a key to driving user adoption and continued traffic to the site long after it has launched.

Our team at Particles Collide has experience in building user interface solutions for SharePoint sites of all kinds. We have built SharePoint portal design solutions for public-facing internet sites, like Allergy Partners and Innovative-e, Inc. as well as intranet portal solutions for enterprise-level and small business customers. Take a look at our Portfolio to see examples of what’s possible. We pride ourselves in taking a design-first approach to SharePoint UX/UI projects and with a keen understanding of SharePoint as a platform, we can recommend the best approach for integrating branding and UX into your SharePoint portal project.